In mid July, a group of nine young people presented themselves at the U.S.-Mexican border and asked for admission to the country. They'd all been here previously but left voluntarily for one reason or another. When that didn't work, they asked for asylum. Now they're in detention while others debate the merits of their tactics.
As Congress considers immigration reform, there are questions about the rising number of undocumented immigrants held in detention centers. Critics say we should consider alternatives, especially for immigrants who haven't committed violent crimes.
Immigration advocates are speaking out over what they say is unfair, even inhumane, treatment of immigrants caught illegally entering the United States. For their part, U.S. officials say the conditions are perfectly humane, but if they don't like them they shouldn't come here in the first place.
A group of Republican donors and fundraisers have sent a letter to GOP lawmakers in the House, urging them to "fix our broken immigration system." Anchor Carol Hills speaks with Lynn Tramonte, with the immigrant advocacy group America's Voice.
Chicago's Polish Village thrived as Polish immigration to the United States soared through the 1980s. But changing migration patterns and the economic downturn of a few years ago dramatically cut into business. Now owners are hoping immigration reform might be a jolt to the area.
Vietnam's President is in Washington this week. On the US agenda: human rights in Vietnam. The government has imprisoned 35 bloggers. But net-savvy activists in the US are helping to keep dissident bloggers one step ahead of the authorities.
Reporter Mirissa Neff went to the 2013 Latin Alternative Music Conference, to ask four bands what the term "Latin Alternative" means to them.
The world of comic books characters created by Latino artists is growing.
Reporter Betto Arcos profiles Venezuelan singer María Márquez and her new album "Tonada." Marquez offers a mix of Venezuelan music with beats inspired by what she calls, "Americana."
A Syrian-American from New Jersey picked up and moved to Damascus to help defend the government of President Bashar al-Assad. The World's Carol Hills speaks with The New York Times Reporter Anne Barnard about the expat's return.