Boarding school
It was the mid-1920s when Connie Reitman’s mother heard a knock on the door. A US official was there to inform her family that she would need to go to school hundreds of miles away.
Mahmood Salem and four of his children on a visit to Djibouti in November 2017.
Families in the Yemeni American community are in limbo as the travel ban limits who gets to enter the US.
Michael (Pierre Png) and Astrid (Gemma Chan)
Watching ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ this week? Here are some other perspectives on the island — that go beyond the uber-rich narrative.
Mother of the groom Eleanor Sung-Young (Michelle Yeoh)
It’s a rare big US studio film with an all Asian cast. But here’s why those with ties to Singapore’s local literary scene have mixed feelings about it.
Two women wearing head scarves watch a man at a podium.
The San Diego school district worked with a Muslim organization after Muslim students said they were bullied. A group of parents sued, saying the school district singled out Muslim students as a special religious group.
Man sits behind large stack of papers, brown envelopes
It took 16 years for Herberth Cortez Gaitan to have his asylum case heard, 9 more for him to be deported — and 2 years for him to return to the US after a federal court found that immigration judges had made a mistake.
Maria Mendoza
Post-deportation, two parents now back in Mexico parent long-distance, checking in with their children daily on everything from what's for breakfast to schoolwork to paying the mortgage.
Jewish man prays at altar with pews behind him, USA flag in background
Ottumwa, Iowa’s centenarian B’nai Jacob synagogue held its final service in May — but the congregation’s story lives on in the heart of South America through one of its Torahs, the sacred Jewish text.
Man at dinner table, surrounded by people
“The fact that the director allowed me to breathe and thought me worthy to take up space, it’s such a simple, subtle thing, but it was startling to me,” says Elyse Dinh who plays Mrs. Phan.
Man playing guitar in front of projected images laughing, with woman next to him, arm around his shoulder. Laptop on chair in background.
Temporary Protected Status for Haitians runs out on July 22, 2019. There are about 58,000 Haitians and their 27,000 US-born children who will be affected.