A demonstrator holding a sign reading #GeorgeFloyd and #BLM marches near Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, May 30, 2020.
Growing numbers of Latinos in Georgia have come out to support the Black Lives Matter movement over the past few months — and increasingly, it’s shaping how they could vote in the upcoming US general election. 
President Donald Trump arrives for a Latinos for Trump Coalition roundtable at Arizona Grand Resort & Spa, Monday, Sept. 14, 2020, in Phoenix.
Arizona is getting a lot more attention from presidential candidates than it did during the 2016 race.
In this Aug. 20, 2020, file photo supporters watch the program outside the venue where Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden is speaking, during the Democratic National Convention at the Chase Center in Wilmington, Delaware.
Florida is a must-win state in the race for the White House this Nov. 3. Whether President Donald Trump or Democratic nominee Joe Biden wins the state's 29 electoral votes could depend on a few hundred thousand Puerto Ricans in central Florida.
Signs advertising the 2020 US Census cover a closed and boarded up business amid the coronavirus outbreak in Seattle, Washington, March 23, 2020.
The instability wrought by the pandemic could lead to census counts of historically undercounted Latino communities. Organizers are racing to get people to fill it out before the Sept. 30 deadline.
Nodia Mena and her son, Brayan Guevara, talk about everything, but especially race and politics.
Nodia Mena is Afro Honduran and moved to the US nearly 30 years ago. She left Honduras when she was 19, but was able to vote for the first time before leaving. She said the lack of change in her country led her to not take voting seriously. But that changed after seeing the enthusiasm toward politics in 1992.
A single protestor holds up an old Belarusian national flag standing in front of a wall of officers holding large riot shields.
President Alexander Lukashenka of Belarus has stayed in power for 26 years by being a master tactician. But he has seriously mishandled opposition protests, says a Belarus-born scholar of Eastern European politics.
In this image from video, Eva Longoria, serving as moderator in a white dress against a blue screen, speaks during the first night of the Democratic National Convention on Aug. 17, 2020.
With a record 32 million Latinos eligible to vote this year, many political observers expected to see lots of Latino politicians and representatives at the virtual Democratic National Convention. But Latino activists argue the programming missed the mark.
People attend a bilingual health care town hall sponsored by local organizations that work in Latino voter outreach, disability advocacy and community health at the Ability360 Center in Phoenix, July 5, 2017. Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake were invit
A sense of belonging — meaning, how society perceives you — along with feeling respected and valued — can be powerful forces to mobilize or discourage voting.
A farmworker, considered an essential worker under the current COVID-19 pandemic, harvests beans, May 12, 2020, in Homestead, Florida.
The situation at Primex Farms highlights the tightrope farmworkers must walk to protect their health and jobs while avoiding retaliation from their employers.
A Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer announces to a group of asylum-seekers that they will be crossing illegally into Canada as they wait in line to to enter at the US-Canada border in Champlain, New York, August 7, 2017.
A Canadian judge ruled the bilateral agreement between the US and Canada violates asylum-seekers’ rights because of what happens after people are turned back to the US.