A Haitian city, juxtaposed with a billboard featuring the Statue of Liberty
She survived Haiti's quake. Her neighbor did not. The blood and dust of that disaster bound together an American anthropologist and her neighbor's niece in ways they did not imagine.
The founding partners of Haiti's Myabèl restaurant
Massachusetts born Haitian-American attorney Regine Theodat came to Haiti in 2010 to help earthquake victims. She intended to stay for a few months. Five year later, she's become an entrepreneur, starting a fish farm in central Haiti and a cocktail restaurant in Croix-des-Bouquets.
"Deepali," who lives in Delhi with her parents, was twice committed to a mental institution against her will, even though her doctor said she didn't need that kind of treatment.
In India, mental health problems still carry a heavy stigma, and it's difficult to get adequate treatment. One woman, who was misdiagnosed, still suffers the consequences.
A woman prisoner waits for her release orders inside a jail in Karachi, Pakistan, July 13, 2006.
A women in Pakistan chose the man she loved instead of the man her family wanted her to marry. That's why she's in prison.
Former Bombe operator Jean Valentine shows a drum of British Turing Bombe machine in Bletchley Park Museum in Bletchley, central England, September 6, 2006. For the first time in sixty years Bletchley Park re-created the way the 'unbreakable' Enigma code
The film The Imitation Game has cast new light on the figure of Alan Turing and the work done at Bletchley Park during World War II. Many of the greatest minds who worked at the secret location were woman who, after the war, returned to their lives without ever telling anyone about the work that they did.
A panel from "The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage" graphic novel.
To prevent Ada Lovelace from acquiring the crazy poetic temperament of her father, Lord Byron, Ada's mother forced her to study the cool logic of mathematics.
One of the tokens that "Johns" in Tunisia use to pay prostitutes.
Prostitution is legal and regulated in Tunisia, but many of its red light districts closed down after the 2011 revolution in the face of Islamist attacks. Now sex workers want to reopen them, saying they provided community, safety and badly needed income.
Latvian animator Signe Baumane has battled depression for most of her life — a battle that was made even more difficult by the oppressive culture of the Soviet Union. But when she discovered her depression had hereditary roots, she decided to make a film about the illness, one that's surreal, dark and funny all at once.
Jamaicans take part in a demonstration against the rape of three children and two women in Kingston in 2012.
Politicians and officials across the Caribbean have come under fire in recent weeks for statements that seem to downplay rape and blame victims. But there's evidence that women may no longer be willing to tolerate such comments.
Stacie Chapman’s son was born healthy, despite the results of a prenatal screening.
False positives for birth defects have led pregnant women to consider of children who would be born healthy