A woman is talking into a screen next to a microphone in a dark room. On the right, words say, "composer, music producer, singer songwriter Sawan Dutta"
Sawan Dutta has done music for television and stage shows, but the world knows her as Bengali Aunty.
A woman sits by a stove
In eastern Ukraine, it's often women who lead families to new homes for safety while their husbands stay behind.
Many believe that women were key to the success of Armenia’s "Velvet Revolution." But that has not translated into greater political representation.
Andrea Valobra
In the very Catholic countries of South America, feminists are fighting to change basic cultural attitudes about women. That’s the case in Paraguay, at the heart of the continent. Two women have paid a personal price to send a message about domestic violence.
Gender-equal governments, which include the same number of men and women as ministry heads and in other cabinet posts, used to be the purview of woman-friendly Nordic countries and highly progressive societies like Canada and Costa Rica. No longer.
A young girl holds a balloon. Behind her are protestors carrying signs and children with more balloons. One person is dressed as a clown with a sign that says, "my body, my territory."
Thirty years after a US-backed dictator was overthrown, Paraguayan women still struggle under the oppression he imposed.
Maria Vera Lucia Terno da Silva, 51, has worked as a domestic employee since she was 19.
Brazil’s household workers have been fighting for their rights for more than a century. Technology might revolutionize their fight.
neris and daughters
Over a decade ago, male elders in the Wayuu tribe decided to appoint a woman as its leader. After the success of being led by a female head, the community changed its governance traditions and now exclusively appoints women to lead.
A woman in a coffee shop
A resolution endorsing breastfeeding became the latest political lightning rod when the Trump administration threatened some countries with a withdrawal of aid if they didn't support a more watered-down version that caves to the infant formula industry.
Three women stand in a line with their hands on their visibly pregnant stomachs. Their faces are cropped out of the image.
A new bill seeks to limit surrogacy to altruistic surrogates only, killing a business that injects $400 billion into the Indian economy every year.