A woman works out with apartment buildings behind her
Not only are single women emerging as a growing and critical aspect of the economy in cities around the world, they are also driving increasingly unaffordable real estate markets. But women at the other end of the income spectrum, particularly single mothers, bear the brunt of gentrification.
band photo
When the group debuted in the mid-2000s, AKB48 was more easily dismissed as a novelty act. But in recent years, the group has expanded into a bona fide musical empire — one that has spread across Asia.
Automation is expected to make many jobs disappear in the future. And according to a recent study, women are more vulnerable to job loss than men.
A collage of four photos shows women from various travel pictures
We asked The World's women readers and listeners what they think about when they travel alone. They told us — and shared some incredible photos from their adventures.
Women Riders World Relay founder Hayley Bell arrives at a relay kick-off event in London on her motorcycle, March 9, 2019.
Perhaps 20 percent of motorcyclists in the United States are now women, according to a recent study from the Motorcycle Industry Council. But riding is still largely considered a hobby for men. It’s hard for women to break in.
A poster with Theresa May is on a building upside down that reads "This way up"
When a company, a business or even a government is going through a crisis, a woman is more likely to be promoted or selected to deal with the turmoil. This phenomenon is called “glass cliff.”
TripAdvisor logo
Online travel platforms can connect you to amazing experiences. They’re also valuable when you want to find out if a business is worth the money or if a hotel has clean sheets. But when there’s a serious safety concern somewhere, it’s unclear whether the platform will alert you.
Wigs hung on a wall.
As more Orthodox women trade in their short, artificial wigs for longer, natural ones, ultra-Orthodox rabbis have begun to protest — loudly. But Zelda Hair in Brooklyn is all about embracing the natural look.
Activists hold hands outside the National Congress in Argentina.
In Argentina, abortion is illegal — except in cases of rape, incest and danger to the life of the mother. But abortion rights activists say even those rare cases where abortion is lawful, women and girls have a hard time accessing one.
a knitted clitoris is held in front of the Camden Market sign
Iceland already has a penis museum.