Women stand together and hold sings in Spanish in a city.
An attempt to legalize abortion in Argentina failed last year, but the debate is far from over.
The US women's soccer team celebrates with the world cup trophy
Fans chanted "equal pay" after the US women won the World Cup on Sunday. It's the latest event highlighting the gender pay gap, which is a global problem that no country has yet to solve.
Two women walk with their hands clasped together as they're surrounded by a crowd of reporters
Prosecutors say financier Jeffrey Epstein allegedly found underage girls through a man who promised the women modeling contracts in the US. How common is this scheme to snare women into trafficking rings?
In Argentina, a mostly Catholic and conservative country, discussion around sex education has been heated. That’s why a law passed in 2006 to give kids comprehensive sexual education has been sporadically implemented. Until recently, it was ignored and put on the back burner.
social worker in soccer field
A growing movement in the country to combat violence against women has helped bring abortion to the fore.
Argentina has strict laws against abortion. But a movement to decriminalize abortion has gained traction in the predominantly Catholic country in recent years.
Adele Willie, Lavenia Yalovi and Jennesa Hinge Moli are female sports commentators from the Pacific Islands.
The women have made history in two ways. Not only are they the first women from the Pacific Islands to commentate the Women’s World Cup, but they are doing it in their native languages of Bislama and Fijian.
Women's soccer team posing for group shot in red uniforms.
On Tuesday, June 11, when the Chilean women’s national team takes the field in France, it will be a dream most of the players never thought possible.
Two women hold their arms in a bicep flex pose. One is wearing a pink cardboard costume in the shape of the women's gender sign.
Russia's feminists are fighting to be heard in a country where most think there are bigger problems than gender inequality.
A woman porter in Ceuta wears colorful straw hat and leopard print jacket
After several female porters were trampled to death in Ceuta, Spain, private merchants took measures to improve working conditions. But is it enough?