A nurse uses a stethoscope to listen for heart problems
Some women admit they would rather have HIV than heart disease because at least it wouldn't interfere with fertility and family planning. They often go through high-risk pregnancies and other health complications due to pressures from their communities to have children at all cost.
two women standing
Sexual assault in the hotel industry is a global issue. Housekeepers here in the US are campaigning for more protections in the workplace.
close up of Maya Gabeira surfing
This week, Maya Gabeira was awarded the Guinness World Record for the biggest wave surfed by a woman.
The Honourable Hunter Tootoo from Nunavut talks with two others
The show, "First Contact," which airs on the Aboriginal People's Television Network, has sparked controversy and dialogue over the way in which it handles racism.
In a Facebook post, the World Surging League announced that women surfers will receive equal pay at all events from 2019. In the world of surfing — a sport and culture long dominated by men — this is a monumental development.
Unlike any other branch of government, Supreme Court justices do not have to face voters at the polls. They have no term limits. Yet the high court is the final arbiter of constitutional rights and protections.
people protesting supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh
What exactly do we mean by teenage behavior? And who gets to be a "rebellious" teenager?
anita hill
Anita Hill’s experience involved workplace sexual harassment that was sustained over time. Christine Blasey Ford reported an attempted rape at age 15 that was a traumatic, intense one-time incident. Yet there are also clear similarities: similar alleged sexualized mistreatment, similar last-minute accusation derailing what seemed to be a foregone conclusion, similar male-dominated group standing in judgment, similar strong feelings from the public.
A couple of signs
The Hampstead Heath Ladies’ Pond has been a place where women having been taking a dip for over a century. But earlier this year, there were complaints when transgender women used the pond
A woman wears a lacy bra and a blazer as she stands in front of a sweeping mountain vista in this screen grab from a music video. Below, a line from the song is spelled out in Kyrgyz.
Zere Asylbek's feminist song asks for respect for women — but she's now facing threats and criticism over the clothing she wore in the music video for her song.