woman wearing sunglasses holds sign that says "abortion is ok"
What exactly does it take for a woman in Poland to access a safe abortion in Germany? A Facebook account and unwavering faith in strangers.
Women in black hijab shop at market in Sanaa, Yemen
Targeted with arbitrary arrests and detentions in Yemen, women activists escape through Peace Track Initiative, a coordinated network of support that takes referrals on a case-by-case basis depending on the gravity of the threat. 
young journalist
Migratory Birds, which boasts a bimonthly circulation of 13,000, is one of the only refugee-led initiatives in Greece left still standing.
Two young children are shown playing with a grocery cart with container homes shown in the background.
Almost two-thirds of asylum-seekers in Greece are women and children. Greece continues to struggle with how to accommodate migrants — especially this new population, which has needs that are unique to pregnant and nursing mothers and babies.
Marcela Juan
In Argentina, violence against women is rising nationwide. Prosecutor Marcela Juan is among a number of women trying to solve the problem. Some are working on legislation while others are taking to the streets, making their voices heard.
A woman stands over a spread of dishes in the kitchen
Women stand together and hold sings in Spanish in a city.
An attempt to legalize abortion in Argentina failed last year, but the debate is far from over.
The US women's soccer team celebrates with the world cup trophy
Fans chanted "equal pay" after the US women won the World Cup on Sunday. It's the latest event highlighting the gender pay gap, which is a global problem that no country has yet to solve.
Two women walk with their hands clasped together as they're surrounded by a crowd of reporters
Prosecutors say financier Jeffrey Epstein allegedly found underage girls through a man who promised the women modeling contracts in the US. How common is this scheme to snare women into trafficking rings?
In Argentina, a mostly Catholic and conservative country, discussion around sex education has been heated. That’s why a law passed in 2006 to give kids comprehensive sexual education has been sporadically implemented. Until recently, it was ignored and put on the back burner.