Nadia Murad gestures with her hands against a blue sky.
As the US withdraws troops from Syria, displaced Yazidi women fear increased insecurity in the region could postpone rehabilitation and a return to their homeland in Iraq.
Chinese feminist
While China’s government has cracked down on women’s rights activists through censorship, an informal network of Chinese citizens living abroad are working to support their efforts to combat sexual harassment and inequality back home. They want to bring the stories of activists and other women in China to international audiences.
Lucia Lucas
Lucia Lucas is generating a lot of attention for her performances as opera’s most famous alpha-male characters. She hopes the gender identity hoopla will die down.
black and white photo of three women and a man standing on stage
Sixty years before today's “K-pop invasion,” the Kim Sisters, a Korean girl group, landed on US shores and rocketed to stardom — singing American hits before they even learned English.
It's been called an epidemic that has gone on for generations. Indigenous women, disappearing in both the US and Canada. Until the last few years, the public has paid little attention to their stories. But the families of these missing and murdered women are demanding to be heard — and counted.
A woman stands with her back to the camera wearing a plaid green and yellow scarf.
The state of Assam declared Fatima Begum a "foreigner," but she was born there and has numerous official certificates and identification documents to prove it.
members of the Ethiopian diaspora
The documentary "Surviving R. Kelly" brought attention to African American girls who were victims of sexual abuse by an older man. For those in the Ethiopian community, the film opened up the floodgates.
The Trump administration has decided not to defend a 20-year-old federal ban on female genital mutiliation despite what activists say about the need to protect young girls.
A woman holds a sign that says "Sex workers and residents against police raids and closures."
Romanian sex workers are reporting that they're being harassed and threatened with arrest and deportation by police, says the London Collective of Prostitutes. The group has published a pamphlet titled,"Sex workers are getting screwed by Brexit."
Ciara McCormack plays soccer
Several former players for the Vancouver Whitecaps women's soccer team have come forward to say the club has mishandled accusations of bullying and sexually suggestive behavior by a former coach. Host Carol Hills speaks to one of the former Whitecaps players, Ciara McCormack.