Alice directing
Pamela Green is the director of a new film about Guy-Blaché called “Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blache.” She says Guy-Blaché changed the course of cinema.
Since the 2016 attempted coup in Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has jailed thousands of people, including doctors, teachers, lawyers — and mothers. A group of Turkish women in the US has found a way to help imprisoned women share their stories in their own voices.
Thando Hopa stands on a red carpet.
Vogue Portugal's most recent cover features a black woman with albinism, Thando Hopa. A lawyer and activist from South Africa, she's the first model with albinism to appear on the cover of the global fashion magazine.
Carmen Zorrilla, an obstetrician in San Juan, Puerto Rico's main public hospital and the principal investigator at the Maternal-Infant Studies Center, heard of several unplanned home births after the storm. It worried her.
Kagame pardoned 367 women who were jailed because they had an abortion. The order was widely praised by women and human rights activists.
A woman stands atop a car and speaks to a crowd
Videos and photos of a striking woman leading a group of protesters in Sudan has gone viral on social media. But what is it about this image that makes it so powerful and symbolic?
wedding dress
Dilan Engin's short film, “Prenses Model (Princess Ball Gown),” uses the metaphor of a wedding dress being crafted to discuss violence against women in Turkey.
A woman works out with apartment buildings behind her
Not only are single women emerging as a growing and critical aspect of the economy in cities around the world, they are also driving increasingly unaffordable real estate markets. But women at the other end of the income spectrum, particularly single mothers, bear the brunt of gentrification.
band photo
When the group debuted in the mid-2000s, AKB48 was more easily dismissed as a novelty act. But in recent years, the group has expanded into a bona fide musical empire — one that has spread across Asia.
Automation is expected to make many jobs disappear in the future. And according to a recent study, women are more vulnerable to job loss than men.