The abuse reportedly happened inside the country and also during a training camp held in February of last year in Jordan. Players flew out, and two male representatives of the Afghanistan Football Federation came with them. Khalida Popal, former captain of Afghanistan's national soccer team, had organized the training session in Jordan and had reservations about the men.
a woman with a sign
Sexual abuse allegations against a popular actor have rocked Argentina in recent weeks. Thousands of women have come forward with their stories of sexual assault using the hashtag, #Miracomonosponemo, meaning, "Look at what you've done to us."
women writers
Many literary groups across the country focus on contemporary women authors. Newly elected President Jair Bolsonaro has spoken disparagingly about women, though, and some in the literary community worry about what that means for female writers.
Dominique Moceanu
Here are the 10 most-read AWL stories from the year.
Yasmeen Mjalli
#MeToo took off in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, but it spread around the globe in 2018.
A woman walks past tombstones in the Alley of Martyrs memorial cemetery in Baku, Azerbaijan, Sept. 8, 2012.
The conflict over the disputed region erupted as the Soviet Union collapsed, and still simmers today. For two months now, approximately 100 mothers of soldiers who died during the Nagorno-Karabakh war have been going from one state institution to another, in search of compensation promised to them by the state.
serena williams
The Women’s Tennis Association has announced new rules on dress code and maternity leave for tennis players.
A woman's face looks out from behind a red protest banner that says "aborto"
It's estimated that between 70 and 90 percent of doctors in Italy are "conscientious objectors" and refuse to perform abortions, even though it's been legal for 40 years.
Roe v. Wade made abortion legal in the US. But legal and accessible — that's not always the same thing. Some states are passing legislation aimed at restricting abortion. The latest is in Ohio, where two bills to limit abortion just landed on the governor's desk. And that has some women in need turning to an unconventional place: the internet.
sara mardini and sean binder
Sara Mardini and her colleagues now await a decision by the judicial council about whether or not there will be a trial, and what the charges will be.