Cape Town, South Africa at dusk.
In a post-apartheid South Africa, gender inequality is rampant. But women and girls across the country are mounting a fierce fight for their rights.
At the World Cup in Brazil, the pitches took a beating. But Brazil had a secret to beat that foot traffic and slide tackling — hardy, perennial ryegrass seed from Manitoba, Canada. Why wouldn't Canada have provided it to its own Women's World Cup?
In Nepal, a centuries old tradition of choosing a young girl as a goddess continues to this day. Nepali Hindus and Buddhists worship this girl, known as a Kumari. They believe she's a reincarnation of the Hindu goddess, Durga. There are a few different goddesses in the Kathmandu valley. The World's Sonia Narang spent time with one of them during a trip to Nepal.
Living Goddess in Nepal
The Living Goddess, called Kumari Devi, is worshiped in Nepal and lives in seclusion. The World's Sonia Narang met one Kumari and her mother near Kathmandu in 2012.
Huang Yuan Yuan at work
China has a population imbalance, with more than 20 million more men under 30 than women. And yet, there are a number of women who are choosing not to get married. China says they're the country's most desirable women, so the country is pushing hard to convince them to hurry up and wed.