Rebel recruitment: 2004, Sudan
She's seen warfare. Been kidnapped. Interviewed victims of rape and helped an Afghan woman in labor get to a hospital. Photographed a dying boy with her own son growing inside her womb. She tells the stories behind these photographs.
Model Cara Delevingne has her hair styled backstage during London Fashion Week.
Beauty is the template for every fairy-tale heroine, says Amanda Filipacchi, daughter of a former elite Ford model. She has written a novel about an attractive woman who dons an elaborate, unattractive disguise to find real love. "It's sad how important it is," she says of beauty. "It's kind of tragic."
The beer label for the first ever beer brewed by the social beer drinking group for Swedish women, Fem Ale. It's a hopped pale ale with the name, "We Can Do It."
Why does brewing always seem to be the business of men? A group of women in Sweden are trying to change that by brewing their own beer: "We Can Do It!"
Safi Haso, about 70 years old, from Girik village of Kobani. "We are probably the last generation that has tattoos," she says. "All Kurdish women had them." In addition to facial, hand and neck tattoos, Haso has tattooed her own breast with circles around
Photographer Jodi Hilton visited a Syrian refugee camp last fall. And she came across something unexpected: beauty. Kurdish women there have facial tattoos, also known as "deq."
Screenshot of a hug at a K-pop band concert in Malaysia
In Malaysia, the threats came after an on-stage performance that included (gasp!) hugs.
The Gender Equality Workshop at National Taiwan University held a one-month event for male students to wear skirts and share their experience.
Male university students in Taiwan have supported transgender colleagues in one of the most simple — and striking — ways imaginable.
Veiled women sit as they chat in a garden in the ISIS-controlled province of Raqqa in northern Syria.
An all-female group called al-Khanssaa Brigade has published a guide for women living under the rule of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, mandating veils, isolation and early marriages.
Michael Cera and Tavi Gevinson in "This Is Our Youth" at New York's Cort Theatre
The 18-year-old actress and fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson started an online magazine three years ago as a safe place for teen girls curious about the wider world. It features frank talk and a chance to ask advice from celebrities. Comedian Stephen Colbert to singer Karen O are among those whose stepped up to the videocam for the site.
Singer/songwriter Mihir Joshi was surprised when Indian censors cited him for using offensive language in his recently released track, "Sorry." The word in question: Bombay.
About 38 percent of American singles have used an online dating website or app.
While plenty of American women find love and connections on traditional dating sites, many have been subjected to misogynist comments, hostility and threats. Here's a dating site where women have more control.