YouTube took down copies of a highly controversial BBC documentary about the 2012 gang rape in New Delhi Wednesday and Thursday after Indian government officials blocked "India's Daughter" from airing on television or being excerpted in print. The director has appealed to the prime minister, saying “India should be embracing this film — not blocking it with a knee-jerk hysteria without even seeing it."
Usra Ghazi and Thanaa El-Naggar discuss issues that divide some women in the Muslim community.  El-Naggar is viewed in a sketch since she isn't comfortable attaching a photo to  views some might consider controversial.
A young Muslim woman in America who prefers wearing short shorts describes what goes through her mind when she meets a woman in a hijab. But a fellow Muslim urges her to stop living a "dual life."
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Though there is an increasing need for mental health services in Kenya, the country has only 79 working psychiatrists, according to the African Mental Health Foundation; that’s one for every 500,000 people. One woman is using technology to work around the shortage and bring scant mental health resources to Kenyans.
Actress Julianne Moore arrives at the 2015 Canadian Screen Awards in Toronto on March 1, 2015. Her portrayal of Alzheimer's in the film "Still Alice" helped spotlight the effects of the disease on women.
Everyone knows that Alzheimer's can be a devastating problem for the elderly and their families. What many people don't know is that women over 65 have a much higher risk of developing Alzheimer's than men, and scientists are trying to figure out why.
Photographer Anja Niedringhaus.
Her killer sentenced to prison Saturday, slain AP war photographer Anja Niedringhaus will be remembered for her searing works and a courage that battle-hardened soldiers respected. Writes one former Marine: "She lived it: the stale sweat, the sand, the blood, the joy of a successful op when everyone comes home and the deep anguish of loss when someone you may have just been talking to moments ago doesn’t."
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Public reaction to violence against women in Turkey tended to involve women's organization alone. That changed over the weekend, as Turkish men — many dressed in miniskirts — protested, alongside women, in Istanbul in the wake of the brutal murder of 20-year-old Özgecan Aslan.
Poet Claudia Rankine's new book, "Citizen: An American Lyric," is nominated for two awards by this year's National Book Critics Circle.
Claudia Rankine's new book, "Citizen: An American Lyric," tries to capture how it feels to experience everyday American racism. And it's author, who's the first person to earn nominations in two categoires at the National Book Critics Circle Awards, says poetry is the perfect medium for the attempt.
Ugaaso Boocow wanted to correct perceptions of Somalia. But instead of taking to the streets or the airwaves, she took to Instagram and is primed to be a star.
A woman shouts slogans during a demostration in Istanbul against the murder of a young woman named Özgecan Aslan.
Thousands of Turkish women took to the streets over the weekend to protest the murder of a 20-year-old woman. Özgecan Aslan was killed after fending off a bus driver who tried to rape her. #sendeanlat (#tellyourstory) began trending on Twitter as thousands of women shared their own horrific stories of sexual harassment and violence.
Rebel recruitment: 2004, Sudan
She's seen warfare. Been kidnapped. Interviewed victims of rape and helped an Afghan woman in labor get to a hospital. Photographed a dying boy with her own son growing inside her womb. She tells the stories behind these photographs.