A panel from "The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage" graphic novel.
To prevent Ada Lovelace from acquiring the crazy poetic temperament of her father, Lord Byron, Ada's mother forced her to study the cool logic of mathematics.
One of the tokens that "Johns" in Tunisia use to pay prostitutes.
Prostitution is legal and regulated in Tunisia, but many of its red light districts closed down after the 2011 revolution in the face of Islamist attacks. Now sex workers want to reopen them, saying they provided community, safety and badly needed income.
Latvian animator Signe Baumane has battled depression for most of her life — a battle that was made even more difficult by the oppressive culture of the Soviet Union. But when she discovered her depression had hereditary roots, she decided to make a film about the illness, one that's surreal, dark and funny all at once.
Jamaicans take part in a demonstration against the rape of three children and two women in Kingston in 2012.
Politicians and officials across the Caribbean have come under fire in recent weeks for statements that seem to downplay rape and blame victims. But there's evidence that women may no longer be willing to tolerate such comments.
Stacie Chapman’s son was born healthy, despite the results of a prenatal screening.
False positives for birth defects have led pregnant women to consider of children who would be born healthy
Many students attended a demonstration demanding laws that make India safer for women and children.
It’s been two years since a young female student was gang raped on a bus in India, later dying from her injuries. The attack outraged people across the country and sparked a nationwide conversation about the prevalence of sexual violence against women. But has enough changed?
Peggy Young (3rd R) and her attorney Sharon Gustafson (4th R) wave to supporters as they depart the US Supreme Court building on December 3, 2014.
The Pregnancy Discrimination Act was passed to ensure that pregnant women get the same accommodations as workers who have injuries or other problems. But the law has never lived up to its promise, and UPS driver Peggy Young has sued her employers to change that.
Footage of two Indian sisters defending themselves from harrassment was filmed on a phone by a fellow passenger.
In India, footage of two women defending themselves from a group of men sexually assaulting them on a public bus has gone viral. The video has renewed a national debate in India on sexual assault and the safety of women in public spaces.
Cape Town, South Africa at dusk.
In a post-apartheid South Africa, gender inequality is rampant. But women and girls across the country are mounting a fierce fight for their rights.
At the World Cup in Brazil, the pitches took a beating. But Brazil had a secret to beat that foot traffic and slide tackling — hardy, perennial ryegrass seed from Manitoba, Canada. Why wouldn't Canada have provided it to its own Women's World Cup?