Wachovia employees listen to Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf
President Barack Obama is set to address gender pay inequality at a town hall, but a leading expert on the issue says the problem starts at home, and it’s time for men to do more.
The US Marine Corps C-130 Hercules named "Fat Albert," assigned to the US Navy “Blue Angels” flight demonstration team, uses Jet Assisted Take Off bottles during the 2005 Blue Angel Homecoming show.
When the elite aerial team called the Blue Angels formed in 1946, all of its pilots were men. In 2014, the same thing was true. Now history has been made with the addition of Capt. Katie Higgins, the first female pilot to serve with the Navy's world-famous demonstration squadron.
Students pose with placards as they join a march to mark the one-year anniversary of the mass kidnapping of more than 200 schoolgirls from a secondary school in Chibok by Boko Haram militants, in Abuja April 14, 2015.
It's been a year since Boko Haram captured more than 200 school girls in Nigeria — and the news isn't good. The new president of Nigeria says it's doubtful any of the girls will ever return.
Women’s rights activist Wu Rongrong poses with a trophy in this undated picture taken in an unknown location in China, provided by a women's rights group on April 8, 2015.
Beijing says the international community needs to keep its nose out China’s own affairs. But the Chinese government might be more accommodating than such statements would suggest.
Ebola Survivor01_again
Photographer Keiko Hiromi recently documented grassroots efforts by Liberian NGOs to fight Ebola and the stigma impacting survivors.
Aumpon Paloa didn't realize she was pregnant until she was about seven months along, which was about the same time her high school teacher noticed and recommended she leave school.
Iranian women watch Iran's national soccer team conduct a training session ahead of the 2006 World Cup.
For years, Iranian women have been barred from attending sports stadiums — and sometimes given jail sentences when they try to get into games. But now it looks like they might finally get the chance to watch some sports in the flesh.
bangla lead
The app, called Maya, provides a platform where women can freely speak about their emotional, medical, legal, and social needs anonymously, without being judged.
police scene purvi
The doctor who initially called police to report his child abuse suspicions of Purvi Patel is listed as a member of a pro-life medical association. Patel was charged with child neglect and later with killing her fetus, and she was sentenced to 20 consecutive years in prison. This makes her the first woman in the US to be convicted and sentenced fon "feticide" charges for ending her own pregnancy.
Purvi Patel is taken into custody after being sentenced to 20 years in prison for feticide and neglect of a dependent on Monday, March 30, 2015, at the St. Joseph County Courthouse in South Bend, Ind.
Purvi Patel was convicted of feticide in Indiana. Her case has raised concerns that it could become a precedent to support more convictions of women who lose their pregnancies or self-abort. But the case also shows how complex pregnancy and gestation really are — and how little we in the US want to talk about unexpected outcomes.