Moroccan women wait at a border crossing with loads of 100-200 pounds of commercial goods on their backs.
These women carry loads of 100-200 lbs for the chance to earn $5 per day.
Shugs and Fats
Writer and performer Nadia Manzoor is a proud Muslim and feminist — now. But as a headstrong young woman, raised in a conservative Pakistani immigrant family, her curiosity, intellect and wit were not welcomed. Being true to her stubborn and sarcastic spirit, Manzoor has used comedy to push boundaries and promote a more inclusive understanding of Islam.
Afghan rapper Sonita Alizadeh narrowly escaped a forced marriage at 16 by writing the song 'Brides for Sale.' She recently visited West Oakland, CA, and was surprised that the U.S., like Iran and Afghanistan, has poor neighborhoods and homeless people.
A young girl from Afghanistan escaped being forced into marrying a man when she was 14 years old — by writing a rap song about it. The young rapper is now living and going to school in the US, and she’s still making music about social justice in Afghanistan.
Nam has a dream to open her own produce store someday. But it will take her at least four more years in Thailand's sex industry to make it happen. Here's why.
Two girls in the Nepali village of Melchour.
Most of those Nepalis affected by the earthquake in April were women who have had to deal with the disaster on their own. Journalist Purvi Thacker happened to be in Nepal last month when the earthquake hit. She describes meeting women faced with the reality of providing aid on the ground and dealing with their own destroyed homes and lives.
Congregants at the Women's Mosque of America
Many young Muslim women, here in the US and abroad, are growing up in a world that’s very different from that of their parents. The Internet and social media have given them access to resources and ideas that would have been out of reach a generation ago. For example, back in January, the US's first all-women’s mosque opened in Los Angeles, providing modern Muslim women with new ways to express their religion.
Neha Mahajan and Mom
Being oceans away from mom is always tough. On Mother’s Day, the feeling blooms.
Deepak Singh's mother, Nirmala. He says it would be almost insulting to send her a Mother's Day card.
How do you thank someone who's given you everything? Indian-American writer Deepak Singh says you don't do it by sending your mom a Mother's Day card.
Not at home in the town that was the backdrop for the movie "Groundhog Day," she found solace in online gaming
A girl and her mother rescued from Boko Haram in Sambisa Forest by Nigeria's military arrive at a camp for the displaced.
Nigeria's military has secured the release of hundreds of women and girls captured by Boko Haram. Many of those rescued are pregnant.