A Buddhist nun with a shaved head takes part in a Kung Fu display
After facing the consequences of climate change first-hand in their own villages, the nuns decided to start walking with two strong messages: protect the environment, and empower women.
A woman stands with smartphone in a shop with organizers
On Tuesday, scores of women volunteers crisscrossed the dusty roads of Israel's southern Negev desert to bring hundreds of Bedouin women from remote villages to their polling stations.
portable shower
Omer Azizi spent much of the past year developing an app that he calls Safar, meaning “journey” in both Farsi and Arabic, to solve the information gap that exists for refugees worldwide. It came out of an assignment in a unique class he took last year from the engineering school at USC.
A woman takes tampon boxes out of a supermarket shelf in Buenos Aires January 16, 2015.  
What happens to the highly personal data people enter in period-tracking apps? In some cases, it gets fed to third parties — including Facebook.
A large, white rocket sits on a launchpad at night time.
India's Chandrayaan-2 is expected to land on the moon Friday as the country seeks its first successful landing. But with two female scientists leading the project, the lunar mission has already made history.
Noam Shuster-Eliassi says she doesn’t just want to make people laugh — she wants to make them think.
A woman with long hair and earrings smiles
Chile's private health insurance company, Isapres, doesn't want to insure sick people, says María Pilar Iturrieta, a lawyer in Santiago, who was denied health insurance for her daughter born with a cleft lip.
With 1,812 women murdered between January and July this year — about 10 a day — Mexico is Latin America’s second-most dangerous country for women, after Brazil, according to the United Nations. More than 200 Mexican women have been kidnapped so far in 2019.
A plastic sex doll with brown wig sits in an office chair
South Korea's sex toy industry professionals say sex dolls are the answer to increasing loneliness in South Korean society. But critics have pushed back on the law and say these "real dolls" objectify women and lead to more sex crimes — a hot-button topic in the wake of South Korea's #MeToo movement.
Maria Beraldo
Brazilian musician Maria Beraldo is gaining fans with her provocative, opinionated lyrics, and has found a niche audience in Brazil, especially among young women and girls and many in the LGBTQ community.