A woman wearing blue stands at her stall in the market
Women dominate the food business in Bolivia. From farmers to market sellers, chefs to restaurant owners, women are transforming Bolivia's capital, La Paz, into a food destination.
Late on Oct. 4, Verona’s local council approved a motion “to prevent abortion and sustain maternity,” which allows the use of public money to fund vehemently anti-abortion Catholic organizations and encourages doctors to dissuade women from aborting. The coalition of center-right councilors also tried and failed to present a motion that would require all aborted fetuses to be buried in a cemetery, even without the consent of the woman involved.
hero swimmers
Prior to Sara Mardini's arrest, the two Mardini sisters were better known for saving the lives of 18 other refugees.
A nurse uses a stethoscope to listen for heart problems
Some women admit they would rather have HIV than heart disease because at least it wouldn't interfere with fertility and family planning. They often go through high-risk pregnancies and other health complications due to pressures from their communities to have children at all cost.
two women standing
Sexual assault in the hotel industry is a global issue. Housekeepers here in the US are campaigning for more protections in the workplace.
close up of Maya Gabeira surfing
This week, Maya Gabeira was awarded the Guinness World Record for the biggest wave surfed by a woman.
The Honourable Hunter Tootoo from Nunavut talks with two others
The show, "First Contact," which airs on the Aboriginal People's Television Network, has sparked controversy and dialogue over the way in which it handles racism.
In a Facebook post, the World Surging League announced that women surfers will receive equal pay at all events from 2019. In the world of surfing — a sport and culture long dominated by men — this is a monumental development.
Unlike any other branch of government, Supreme Court justices do not have to face voters at the polls. They have no term limits. Yet the high court is the final arbiter of constitutional rights and protections.
people protesting supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh
What exactly do we mean by teenage behavior? And who gets to be a "rebellious" teenager?