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From babes to babushkas

Russia is known for its beautiful women. Many have reached supermodel status. But there's another phenomenom in Russia: slim elegant beauties aging fairly quickly into plump babushkas. How does it happen? Reporter Jessica Golloher decided to find out.

Conflict & Justice

China torn on smoking issue

China's government this week announced an expanded ban on indoor smoking in public spaces. Tobacco is China's number one source of tax revenue, but prematurely kills more than a million Chinese a year. The World's Mary Kay Magistad reports from Beijing.

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Himalayan Viagra

In the Himalayas, a parasitic fungus attacking insects is regionally believed to boost the immune system and help with sexual dysfunction. In Bhutan, the government has been trying to regulate the hunt. The World's Mary Kay Magistad reports.

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History of royal diseases

The British royal family was once known for certain disorders like hemophilia and porphyria. Anchor Marco Werman talks with medicine geneticist Alan Rushton. Rushton is the author of "Royal Maladies: Inherited Diseases in the Royal Houses of Europe."