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Geo answer

For our Geo Quiz today we asked you to name the countries in the world with 4 letters. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with author David Jenkin about his travels in Oman, Togo, Peru, Mali, Laos, Chad, Cuba, Fiji, Iran, and Iraq. Jenkins wrote the book, "The Four Letter Countries: The Zany Adventures of the Alphabet Traveller."

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The World's Marco Werman traces the origins of the now-legendary Buena Vista Social Club recording, and how the original concept � a meeting of Cuban and Malian musicians � has now finally been realized on a recording called 'Afrocubism.'

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Global Hit

Issa Bagayogo is known throughout Mali as Techno-Issa. He combines West African traditional music with European techno. Anchor Lisa Mullins tells us about his latest release.