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Trouble for Knut

Knut the Polar Bear has become famous at the Berlin Zoo in Germany. Now he's looking for a new home, because zoo officials say they can't afford to keep him. Anchor Marco Werman finds out more from the BBC's Damien McGuiness in Berlin.

Science, Tech & Environment

Clues in female voices

Female voices may convey more than thoughts and emotion; they may also reveal when a woman is ovulating. A recent German study finds that a woman's voice deepens in pitch at the time she's most fertile. Reporter Ari Daniel Shapiro has the story.


Global bailouts

Europe and Japan have announced their plans to beef up their waning economies with billions of taxpayer dollars. The World's Laura Lynch brings us the details from London.

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Geo answer

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is Berlin, home to the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Anchor Marco Werman interviews Olaf Maninger, solo cellist with the orchestra about the "digital concert hall", a new venture that puts the Berlin Philharmonic's live performances of classical music online.

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Churchill quotes

Winston Churchill has often been quoted...but he's often been misquoted too. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Christoph Droesser, editor and reporter for the German newspaper Die Zeit, who's checked out some sayings that have been attributed to Churchill.

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Stasi lawsuit chills research

After the East German communist regime fell in 1989, German authorities began to open records compiled by the Stasi secret police. But some former Stasi officials and informants are now suing, saying the revelations violate their privacy.