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Global Hit

For today's Global Hit, we hear from Emmanuel Gardiner, whose family left Liberia for the United States after a coup in 1980. Among his most treasured possessions was Michael Jackson's album ?Off the Wall.?


French authorities raid migrant camp

The World's Laura Lynch that French authorities raided a migrant camp in Calais , in northern France. The camp was used by hundreds of illegal migrants as the last stop on the way to a better life across the English Channel in Britain.


Saipan's garment factories

The World's Mary Kay Magistad reports from the Pacific island of Saipan. It used to host factories that churned out clothes for American consumers. Now the island's economy has collapsed.

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Clean up job

The Coast Guard today reported the death of two workers helping to clean up the spill in the Gulf. Cleaning up the oil is grueling, sometimes dangerous work. Annie Correal is a reporter with El Diario. She reports from the town of Hopedale.