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Frightened Rabbit

Frightened Rabbit is an indie-rock band from the small town of Selkirk, Scotland. They're touring the U.S. to promote their just-released third album, 'The Winter of Mixed Drinks.' From PRI's The World.

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Truck poetry in Pakistan

Driving in Karachi's crazy traffic can be very stressful. But amidst all this mess there is one source of pleasure � the wonderfully decorated public transport vehicles. Fahad Desmukh reports on the poetry that adorns many vehicles in Pakistan.

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A good relationship gone sour

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Boston Globe reporter, Jenn Abelson, about the relationship between undocumented workers and the high-profile pizza chain they helped build. Initially beneficial, it ended up souring amid allegations of exploitation.


L.A. Lakers avoid elimination at home, head to Boston for Game 6

?There can only be one,? reads the tagline of the NBA's 2008 playoff marketing campaign, splitting the faces of top players to emphasize that no one gets a participation award. Yet, the Los Angeles Lakers Game 5, 103-98 victory over the Boston Celtics, featured a different kind of split ? the split personality of Kobe Bryant." -Maggie Haskins