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Geo answer

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is Tristan da Cunha or 'Tristan' for short. Andy Isaacson sends an audio postcard from this island in the South Atlantic. It's been called the most remote inhabited island on Earth.

Lifestyle & Belief

Returning to Sudan

A refugee named Valentino Achak Deng returned from the U.S. to his home in Sudan. Deng built a school with proceeds from a book based on his life written by author Dave Eggers. The World's Jeb Sharp talks with Eggers and Deng about their friendship.


The post-communist generation

For some living in what was once the Eastern Bloc, the last twenty years have brought freedom but also hardship especially for the youngest generation who have grown up without Communism. Laura Lynch has the story.


Winning the trust of Afghans

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with US Army Major James Gant about his experience navigating tribal loyalties in Afghanistan in order to help the secure their support for Allied troops there.


Grief-stricken mother receives apology

Britain's mission in Afghanistan has taken a deeply emotional turn. The grieving mother of a British soldier killed in Afghanistan has confronted Prime Minister Gordon Brown, forcing him to make a very public apology. The World's Laura Lynch reports.

Lifestyle & Belief

Away game in Afghanistan

Jess Markt is a member of the New York Rolling Knicks, a wheelchair basketball franchise team. He recently returned from a trip to Afghanistan, and he speaks with anchor Marco Werman about the conditions and coaching players there.

Conflict & Justice

Son of Escobar

The son of the late drug lord Pablo Escobar has tried to distance himself from his father's crimes. Now the son has been meeting with the children of his father's victims and apologizing. His story is told in a new documentary. John Otis reports.