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Geo quiz

Now, a national holiday is one of the clues to our geo quiz. We are looking for an East African country marking 50 years of independence today.


Geo answer

For today's geoquiz we're in search of an East African country that's celebrating 50 years of independence today. On July 1st 1960, this country had been administered by the UK and Italy, and became one republic. The answer is Somalia.

Lifestyle & Belief

Uganda bombings update

The Somali Islamist group, Al-Shabab, has claimed responsibility for Sunday's bombings that killed more than 70 people in Kampala. Ugandan authorities say they've made some arrests. Anchor Marco Werman gets the latest from the BBC's Will Ross in Kampala.

Conflict & Justice

U.S. states tied to al-Shabab

Host David Baron talks to the BBC's Iain MacKenzie in about the announcement that fourteen people in three American states are being charged with terrorist offences, including providing money and support to the Somali-based extremist group, al-Shabab.

Conflict & Justice

Peacekeepers killed in Somalia

Four African Union peacekeepers were killed when a mortar hit Somalia's presidential palace, officials say. Islamist insurgents battle government forces. The Washington Post's Sudarsan Raghavan has been filing from Mogadishu since the fighting began.


An unlikely hero

It has been two weeks since a British couple was released by pirates after being held hostage for more than a year. But now are we learning about the role of a Somali refugee played in the securing the couple's freedom. The World's Laura Lynch has more.