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Energy myths exposed!

Today we're digging down into some of the water-cooler wisdom surrounding energy use. We're here to debunk myths?or maybe to confirm them. To help us do that is Matt McDermott, an alternative energy writer for and Planet

Business, Economics and Jobs

Energy's Little Black Box

Our Power Trip heads to Redwood City, California to talk to Joe Polastre, CTO and co-founder of Sentilla. The company has invented an unassuming rectangular box that tracks -- dollar by dollar -- how much energy the appliances in your home are using.

Science, Tech & Environment

The Green Googleplex

John Hockenberry sits down with Bill Weihl, the company's green energy czar (that's his title, no joke). On the interview agenda: the company's top picks for which alt-energy sources will rule the future clean energy economy, including solar with a twist.