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Candidates on climate change

The World's Jason Margolis sorts out what Democrat and Republican presidential candidates are saying about climate change and what they promise to do about it.

Mormon leads international outreach

Mormons around the world are mourning the death of Gordon Hinckley, leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Anchor Lisa Mullins gets the details from Jan Shipps, professor of history and religious studies at Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis.

US Mexico border fence

US plans for a 700-mile fence along the US-Mexico border have hit a snag in Brownsville, Texas where dozens of property owners are refusing to open their land to surveying by the Department of Homeland Security

Arctic scientist's dilemma

Julia Kumari Drapkin profiles Kate Moran, a scientist who studies the history of climate change in the Arctic and whose team has also found potential sources of oil and coal, which if exploited

US deserters in Canada

Reporter Derek Stoffel has the story of American war deserters in Canada, where some 150 US soldiers have moved north of the border to avoid serving in Iraq

Bush bumps up defense budget

President Bush's budget request for the Pentagon is for 515 billion dollars and that doesn't count the cost of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Thom Shanker

Entertaining the troops

Live entertainment has long been a successful morale-booster for US troops abroad, and The World's Katy Clark reports on how today's entertainers are recruited for similar performances as Bob Hope was in the past.