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Geo answer

We asked you to name the capital of Southern Sudan in our Geo Quiz. The answer is Juba. It's a city that Manute Bol knew well.

Conflict & Justice

Sudanese leader defies arrest

Sudan's president Omar al Bashir is a wanted man. He's the subject of an arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court. He still travels abroad without fear of arrest, most recently to neighboring Chad. The World's Jeb Sharp has the story.


Tensions over vote to split Sudan

A referendum on independence for Southern Sudan is scheduled for January. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with correspondent Rebecca Hamilton in Khartoum. She says preparations for the vote are behind schedule, and a delay could trigger war.


Sudan's looming crisis

A long-planned referendum could split Africa's largest nation in two. Some see big trouble ahead for Sudan if the independence vote is mishandled. On Friday President Obama is expected to attend a high level UN meeting on Sudan. Jeb Sharp reports.


Eliza Griswold examines Sudan in Tenth Parallel'

Sudan is of special interest to Eliza Griswold. She's just written a book called �The Tenth Parallel � Dispatches from the Fault Line Between Christianity and Islam� and the book runs right through Sudan. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Griswold.


Sudan split over oil

An oil-rich area on the border between northern and southern Sudan is adding to already tense relations that exist between the Sudanese government and southern leaders. Anchor Lisa Mullins finds out more from Rebecca Hamilton.


South Sudan: Africa's next nation?

The nation of Sudan could soon be split in two. A referendum is to determine the status of the South of the country. Polls show that most southerners want to secede. Sean Carberry is a reporter with PRI's America Abroad. He's in Malakal in southern Sudan.


Independence vote nears for South Sudan

Voters in Sudan are less than 50 days away from deciding whether to create a new African country or remain one country. This vote is part of a peace deal reached five years ago following civil war between the north and south. Sean Carberry reports.