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Conflict & Justice

Sudan peace deal in jeopardy

Aid agencies in Sudan today warned that the five-year-old peace deal between north and south Sudan could collapse. Reporter Alan Boswell finds out what's going wrong with the 2005 peace deal that ended a generation of conflict.


Violence in southern Sudan

Southern Sudan has seen a rise in tribal violence over the past twelve months. Many fear the clashes will increase as the country nears elections and a referendum vote on independence for the south. Kati Whitaker reports from southern Sudan.


Sudan elections

Sudan holds general elections on Sunday but there are concerns that the vote is going to be rigged. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with a reporter on the ground to find out how preparations are going.


Treating mental illness in Sudan

Traditionally, when people in Sudan suffer mental illness, they seek out exorcists and other spiritual healers. A number of patients are also seeing Western-style psychiatrists and psychologists. The result is a tense rapprochement. Hana Baba reports.