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Lifestyle & Belief

Dubai launches subway system

Dubai opened the Arab Peninsula's first metro system today. It's to become the world's longest driverless train system. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with John Alexander Smith, professor of Architecture and Interior Design at American University in Dubai.


Fast food in Nigeria

Mr. Bigg's is the largest fast food chain in Africa's most populous country. But running a fast food operation is no easy feat in a country beset by mismanagement, corruption, and a lack of infrastructure. David Hecht reports.

Arts, Culture & Media

Nabokov last novel

Over thirty years after his death, Vladimir Nabokov's last, unfinished novel, was released today. Anchor Marco Werman discusses the novel with Keith Gessen, editor of the New York literary magazine, N+1.


Aid for Haiti

Anchor Jeb Sharp speaks with Bob Poff, the disaster coordinator for Salvation Army. He was in Haiti at the time of the earthquake. He discusses what he and his team have been seeing as they struggle to get help to earthquake victims.


What the Toyota recall means to Japan

Toyota hasn't stopped selling cars in Japan but the company's problems in the U.S. and now Europe have made headlines back home. Akiko Fujita tells us how the Toyota recall has been playing out in Japan. From PRI's The World.


Compact cars on the rise + Hummer reader

In the middle of recalls and a struggling economy, car companies are looking to the future. And many of them are doing so by putting out smaller fuel-efficient models. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Paul Eisenstein, editor of