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This artist is taking snow angels to an extreme

Call it snowshoe art or perhaps folly in the freezing cold, but it takes imagination to create patterns that you can only see from a distance. And Alan Turing, the father of computer science, gets a posthumous pardon from Britain. Pakistan's long experiment in natural-gas cars is crashing. We also explore why Muslims and Jews are celebrating Christmas, and more, in today's Global Scan.

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In China, imported fruit is the must-have luxury item for the new year


Chinese New Year begins next week and all across China people are getting ready. It’s a time for visiting friends and relatives. Throughout the country, people stock up on fruit to eat at home with family and to give as gifts. These days, Chinese shoppers are opening up their wallets for a particular luxury item — imported fruit.


Investors in Zimbabwe under pressure

International businesses are under pressure to reconsider any operations they may have in Zimbabwe. Yesterday we mentioned one, the British supermarket giant, Tesco. Last night, Tesco announced it's pulling out of Zimbabwe, at least for now.

Business, Economics and Jobs

Why Americans spend

Americans aren't a nation of savers. And that's contributed to the country's current economic problems. But as The World's Katy Clark reports, it's not entirely due to our love of nice clothes and the latest electronic gadgets.