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In the eye of the storm, it's still a buyers' market.

We know the housing market has seen better days, but what if you're selling homes in a housing market right in the middle of hurricane country? The residents of the Florida Keys are being evacuated in anticipation of Hurricane Ike, as the storm heads across Cuba. This left us wondering: do people still want to buy homes in a region so vulnerable to the elements?


Counties that count: Palm Beach County, Florida

They're swing counties in swing states ? and they may be the spots where this election is decided. In the eighth in a series on 'counties that count,' The Takeaway's Political Director Andrea Bernstein talks with voters in Palm Beach County, Florida.


Can we really patch things up with Cuba?

Is there hope between Cuba and the U.S., is change possible? What steps can we expect the Obama administration to take to actually end the American-Cuban confrontation? These are questions pondered in this weeks New York Times Magazine.