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Polio reappearing

The battle to eradicate polio is suffering some major setbacks, including new cases in Russia and Tajikistan. The World's Katy Clark reports that some experts are now rethinking the war on polio.


Lead poisoning disaster in Nigeria

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Richard Fuller of the Blacksmith Institute, an organization that is helping to clean up a toxic mine in northern Nigeria where at least 170 people, mostly children, have died after being exposed to high levels of lead.

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Geo answer

Researchers are developing a robot that they hope will one day provide home care for the elderly. They've enlisted the help of a Sydney performance artist to make the robot seem more human. Correspondent Phil Mercer has the story.


Low Cost IVF

IVF is now a common method of aiding conception � but it's expensive. There are efforts to make the treatments more accessible to the poorest regions of the world. Lisa Mullins talks with Dr. Ian Cooke of the Low Cost IVF Foundation.


Conditions in Haiti still desperate'

It's ten months since a powerful earthquake struck Haiti. Conditions for many are still desperate. Violence, particularly against women, is on the rise. These are the findings of a report by Refugees International. Lisa Mullins talks with Melanie Teff.