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US resumes deportation of Haitians

The United States is resuming its policy of deporting Haitians. This month will be the first time they've deported people since before the devastating earthquake in January 2010. Marina Giovannelli reports from Miami.


Haiti marks earthquake anniversary

Today marks the 1st anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti. A million people still live in tents and makeshift shelters all over the capital Port-au-Prince. As The World's Jeb Sharp reports, Haitians are still grappling with the enormity of what happened.

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Another earthquake in Haiti?

The World's science reporter Rhitu Chatterjee has been talking with geologists. They say the Haitian earthquake didn't originate in the place they had anticipated. They had been looking at a different fault line. One that's yet to rupture.


Haiti's slow reconstruction

Despite the billions of dollars pledged, reconstruction has been painfully slow. A million people live in tents in the capital and symbolic buildings still lie in ruins. Still, some neighborhoods are coming back to life. The World's Jeb Sharp reports.