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The World - Episode 20071105 - America's foreign policy dilemma

Political instability in Pakistan poses a foreign policy challenge for the United States. On the one hand, Washington wants Pakistan to move toward democracy. But the Bush Adminstration also relies heavily on cooperation from Pakistani President Musharraf in the fight against extremism in the region. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with James Traub, a contributing writer for the New York Times Magazine.

Kenya bloggers monitor unrest

Post-election unrest in Kenya has been widespread and hard to monitor in real time, but some concerned bloggers are trying to help, and they've set up a website where Kenyans can report on what they see in their own communities

Estonia's high-tech embassy

Cyrus Farivar reports that the Baltic nation of Estonia has opened a new trade office California's Silicon Valley, and its goal is to drum up high-tech business for Estonian burgeoning high-tech industry.