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Conflict & Justice

Looking for Bin Laden

The World's Jason Margolis reports that the Bush Administration is stepping up its hunt for extremists -- including Osama bin Laden -- inside Pakistan's tribal areas. But Pakistan's military isn't pleased about it.

Conflict & Justice

Afghan senate protests civilian deaths

The entire Afghan Senate walked out in protest today over the high number of civilians killed by US air strikes. US commanders in Afghanistan are aware this is a crucial issue in their battle for hearts and minds in that country. But that doesn't make it an easy problem to solve. The World's Quil Lawrence reports.

Promo for interview on meeting the Taliban

Correspondent Kate Clark recently traveled to Afghanistan on special assignment for the BBC. She met arms dealers, Taliban commanders and Afghans from many walks of life. We hear a taste of tomorrow's interview with Kate Clark.

Conflict & Justice

Taliban weapons

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with correspondent Kate Clark, who traveled through Afghanistan to investigate how Taliban fighters are getting weapons to fuel their insurgency. Clark was in Afghanistan on special assignment for the BBC.


Pakistan's battle against extremism

Pakistan is struggling in its battle against extremists on its soil. This weekend's attack against a big hotel in Islamabad made it clear that the battle is not limited to the border regions near Afghanistan.