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Would you like a taste of this 'Américain' Dream?

Belgium has it's fair share of culinary delights. There are mussels, of course, and waffles. Also, the fries are pretty good (with mayo, of course), and so is the chocolate. And don't even get us started on the beer! But there's one signature Belgian dish that many an American visitor thinks twice about before ordering. It's called, ironically, the "'américain."


In Brussels, Belgium, a kitty is under siege

Belgians reacted with humor when police put the city of Brussels on lockdown over the weekend. Twitter was flooded with funny cat tweets. This is unsurprising says Willem de Graeve, who co-directs the Belgian Center for Comic Strips. That's the Belgian sense of humor.

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Adopt a waloon

Belgium goes to the polls on Sunday amid fears that could split the country permanently. The World's Clark Boyd is in Brussels, where an online group is trying to cool passions by encouraging rivals to ?adopt' someone from the other side.

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Using DNA spray to catch thieves

Reporter Clark Boyd tells us that businesses in Britain, Holland and Belgium are using synthetic DNA to spray thieves and shoplifters. When the police catch a suspect, all they need is an ultraviolet light and a cotton swab to begin their investigation.