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Conflict & Justice

Global Hit: Corneille

The World's Lisa Mullins meets international musician, Corneille. His life story spreads out across three continents � Germany, Rwanda and Canada, and he's just put out his first album in English.


Detained in Kenya

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with the lawyer of a Canadian woman who's been detained in Kenya for months. She's been charged with identity fraud because she didn't look like she did in her passport picture.


CIA used Canada's cold expertise

Scientists in Canada whose research in surviving cold water is aimed saving lives have learned that the CIA used their work to develop an interrogation technique. The World's Carol Hills has details.

Arts, Culture & Media

Global Hit

Gypsy jazz meets 1980s pop rock. That's what the Quebec City band The Lost Fingers perform on their new album, �Lost in the 80s.� We hear from band member Byron Mikaloff.

Conflict & Justice

Where are the bears?

Conservationists are worried that Canada's Great Bear Rainforest may soon be a misnomer. Anchor Katy Clark speaks wtih Ian McCallister, director of the conservation group �Pacific Wild.�