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Lebanon's big weddings

The World's Aaron Schachter reports from Beirut on the spectacle of Lebanese weddings, as many Lebanese couples are willing to spend big, making a point of enjoying the big day despite the country's unstable politics and poverty.


What Wikileaks reveals about Saudi Arabia

When Wikileaks released a tranche of US diplomatic cables recently, the machinations of Saudi Arabia caused some headlines. That's Saudi Arabia. Long-term Saudi watchers caution against reading the cables on their own. The World's Alex Gallafent reports.

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Claire Messud's Road to Beirut

Novelist Claire Messud talks with Marco Werman about a trip she took to Beirut in 2010. Messud had always wanted to visit the city, because her father had spent some of his childhood there but in 2010, her father was very ill in a hospice in Connecticut.