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Progress in Pakistan

The BBC's Orla Guerin reports that a police crackdown in Pakistan's Punjab province is getting results. Several Taliban cells have been broken up and two potential bombers arrested.


Afpak strategy

With the US consulate in Peshawar under attack and the Afghan president criticizing his sponsors, it seems like a good time to get a quick 'report card' on the US's Afpak strategy. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Lisa Curtis of the Heritage Foundation.


Flood update

Almost $459 million in initial relief is coming in to help the estimated 20 million victims of damaging floods in Pakistan. But thousands continue to struggle without food or shelter. The BBC's Chris Morris reports from northwest Pakistan.

Arts, Culture & Media

'Punjabi funk' band Red Baraat

Red Baraat is a Brooklyn-based 'dhol and brass' band, specializing in an infectious brand of north Indian funk. The World's Alex Gallafent speaks to the founder of Red Baraat who tells him why the band still plays weddings. From PRI's The World.