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Economic strategy in North Dakota

North Dakota has fared relatively well in the economic downturn. Some farmers and agriculture businesses there are trying to position themselves to be less vulnerable to the swings of the economy next time trouble arises. On PRI's The World.

Business, Economics and Jobs

Cows to Kazakhstan

A couple hundred head of cattle boarded a jumbo jet out of Fargo, ND on a 22 hour flight. The shipment is part of an agricultural deal to send a couple thousand hardy cows to Kazakhstan. For the Geo Quiz we ask, where did they land?

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All I want for Christmas

'People think I'm horrible for telling my child there is no santa.' That's the sentiment that struck North Dakota resident Amber Stogner. There may be no Santa, but the spirit of Christmas is thriving. Ms. Stogner joins us with her story.

Science, Tech & Environment

Hail to the sandbaggers!

Fargo, North Dakota is being protected from rising floodwaters by an energetic band of volunteers who are filling and stacking sandbags to construct temporary dikes. Sarah Mayo joins John to tell us how things are looking in her hometown.