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Hezbollah's continued strength

The World's Aaron Schachter reports on how Hezbollah's power hasn't diminished in south Lebanon, and two years after its war with Israel, the Iranian-backed militant group is stronger than ever.

New violence in Lebanon

New fighting in northern Lebanon has sparked worries that the violence could spread across the country, as The World's Aaron Schachter reports.


Hezbollah's highway in Lebanon

The World's Aaron Schachter reports on a new road in south Lebanon that was paid for by Iran and which links Hezbollah strongholds in south Lebanon, and there's speculation that it may be a supply route for re-arming the Shiite militant group.


Israel swaps prisoner for bodies

Israel has released five Lebanese prisoners in exchange for the bodies of two Israeli soldiers, and while many in Israel welcome the decision to bring their dead home, others worry what kind of precedent it's setting


Palestinians in prisoner swap

Israel also returned the bodies of nearly 200 Lebanese and Palestinian militants as part of its prisoner swap with Hezbollah today, and The World's Aaron Schachter looks at what today's prisoner exchange means for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.