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Geo answer and global hit - "Walking to Guant-namo"

For today's Geo Quiz we wanted to know how many miles it is from Guantanamo to Havana, Cuba. The answer is 500 miles. American Richard Fleming knows that personally. He walked from one end of Cuba to the other and chronicled the experience in his new book, "Walking to Guant-namo." Anchor Katy Clark speaks with him. And for our Global Hit we feature the music of the late Cuban musician Polo Montañez.


Wish for a world leader

Much of the world is thrilled at the election of Barack Obama to the American Presidency. But any wish that he be a 'president of the world' is likely to go unfulfilled. The World's Alex Gallafent reports.


Castro croons

Cuban leader Raul Castro burst into song as he hosted a visit from Chinese president Hu Jintao. Anchor Lisa Mullins tells us more.


Secret history of talks with Cuba

President-elect Barack Obama has said he could talk directly with Cuba's leaders. And as Cuba-scholar Peter Kornbluh tell us, this is not a new idea. Just about every U.S. president for the last 50 years has attempted some sort of quiet talks with the Cubans. President George W. Bush was not one of them, though.


50 years of US-Cuba relations

Anchor Katy Clark speaks with Dan Erikson, author of "The Cuba Wars: Fidel Castro, the United States, and the Next Revolution," about 50 years of tense relations between the US and Cuba. This week marks the 50th anniversary of Fidel Castro and his communist regime coming to power.