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China's official corruption

A new report reveals that Chinese officials misused or embezzled billions of dollars in public funds last year. Jamila Trindle reports that the Chinese government is scrambling to show its citizens that it's addressing high-level corruption.


Russia-Georgia conflict

The leaders of the European Union say they will postpone renewing an important economic and political agreement with Russia because of its actions in Georgia. The World's Gerry Hadden says concern about a cut off of Russian oil and gas affected the EU.

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Domestic abuse law in India

A law in India protects women from domestic abuse, and supporters say the law is desperately needed, but critics say the law is often abused to punish innocent men and their extended families. Reporter Larry Schooler has the story.


India's abortion debate

Abortion is legal in India, within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Now some Indians want to change the law to allow later abortions in certain cases. The BBC's Tinku Ray has the story.