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U.S. and Mexico unite to fight guns and drugs

The World's Lorne Matalon covers the visit of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to Mexico. The two U.S. officials are meeting with President Felipe Calderón to discuss how to tackle the illegal flow of guns and drugs between the two countries.


US and Mexico argue over trade

The World's Lorne Matalon reports on the ongoing dispute between Mexico and the United States over trade. The US is keeping Mexican trucks from going more than 25 miles north of the border. Mexico is replying with tariffs on a list of US goods normally exported to Mexico.

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Danger for Mexican journalists

Mexican lawmakers recently passed a bill that says it's a federal offense to threaten or murder a journalist. That says a lot about how dangerous it is for journalists to cover issues like corruption and drug-trafficking in Mexico. The World's Lorne Matalon reports.


NAFTA stays as is

The World's Lorne Matalon reports on how Mexico is reacting to the Obama Administration's decision not to seek a renegotiation of NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement. Mexico's government doesn't want to re-open the trade deal. But critics in Mexico are disappointed, because they feel NAFTA has hurt Mexicans economically.

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Geo answer

The answer to the Geo Quiz is the Yucatan Peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico. Graduate students Antonio Seliz and Jill Deppe regularly travel there to study birds and they sent us this audio-postcard.