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Geo answer

The answer to our quiz is the Venetian trader and traveller, Marco Polo. His descriptions of Central Asia and China enthralled readers from the 13th century to the present day.

Conflict & Justice

Reaction to Afghan election results

Anchor Katy Clark speaks with Sarah Chayes about new results showing incumbent president Hamid Karzai as winner of last month's presidential election. Chayes is an adviser to ISAF in Afghanistan and head of a non-profit organization for women in Kandahar.


Afghanistan strategy debate

The debate in Washington over what the US should do in Afghanistan continues. President Barack Obama is considering a substantial troop increase after the American commander on the ground called for such a move in October. The World's Jeb Sharp reports.


Surge of violence in Afghanistan

The year in Afghanistan is ending with a surge of violence. Today the Taliban claimed responsibility for two deadly bombs. One killed seven Americans who were working for the CIA. It was the biggest loss of life for the agency in more than 25 years.