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The State of US-Egypt Relations

David Sanger, chief Washington correspondent for The New York Times says that President Obama has a knows he cannot "be seen deposing foreign leaders" even while some are asking for him to take a stronger role in Egypt.


Mideast Models for Egypt's Nascent Democracy

The popular uprising in Egypt is unprecedented as citizens forced an end to President Hosni Mubarak's 30 year regime. The transition to a democratic government will be fraught with challenges. What does democracy look like in the Middle East?


What's Next for the Egyptian Government?

It was October 1981 and Hosni Mubarak was beside President Anwar Sadat as he was assassinated. Stability became the watchword of his presidency. Emergency law lasted throughout the 30 years of his rule. What will happen next?

Conflict & Justice

Egypt: A Need for Reconciliation?

While rejecting calls for his immediate ouster, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak agreed not to seek reelection in September. A new government is all but guaranteed in the region, but will the country's transition to Democracy be peaceful?