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Renewables find niche in Pakistan

An extreme electricity shortage in Pakistan has left many Pakistanis looking for alternatives to power from the grid. Now a growing number are turning to energy from the sun and wind. Asma Khalid reports from Lahore.


China nervous over naval drills

The US and South Korea will begin joint naval exercises to send a message to North Korea that further aggression will have serious consequences. China is not happy. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Orville Schell of the Center on US-China Relations.

Conflict & Justice

British hacker case

The World's Clark Boyd reports on the latest in the case of Gary McKinnon. He's accused by US authorities of 'the biggest military hack of all time.' He's been fighting extradition for four years. Now, Britain's new Prime Minister has raised the issue.


New sanctions against North Korea

The US will impose new sanctions on North Korea, following the crisis over the sinking of a South Korean warship. The move was announced by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during a visit to South Korea. Laura Lynch reports.