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Buddhism and Islam in America

Heated rhetoric swirls around the proposal to build an Islamic community center a few blocks from the World Trade Center site. Scott Kurashige sees a parallel to efforts to block Japanese immigrants from building Buddhist temples around World War II.

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Dozens of bodies found in Mexico

Mexican troops say they have discovered 72 bodies at a ranch in the north of the country. The bodies were found after a shoot-out with suspected drug cartel gunmen, the military said. The BBC's Julian Miglierini is following the story from Mexico City.


Remembering Samantha Smith

25 years ago today, Samantha Smith died with her father in a plane crash. When she was 10, Samantha made international headlines when she wrote to Yuri Andropov and he wrote back. Anchor Marco Werman recalls the story with the BBC's Lina Rosovskaya.


Japan's centenarian mystery

Japan officially has the world's largest number of people over the age of 100. But a recent series of grisly discoveries has put that exact number in doubt. Correspondent Akiko Fujita reports from Tokyo on what's happening to Japan's centenarians.


Bombings in Pakistan

Three bomb attacks in Pakistan killed at least 36 people today. Two took place near the Afghan border. The third happened near Peshawar. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with the BBC's Shaoib Hasan in Islamabad.