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Tariq Aziz gets death penalty

A Baghdad judge has sentenced Tariq Aziz, Iran's foreign minister under Saddam Hussein, to death. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with New York Times correspondent John Burns, who spent time with Aziz before the invasion. Burns describes Aziz as a sycophant.


Experts look for clues to increasing number of law enforcement fatalities

In 2011, a slow and steady rise in the number of law enforcement officers killed on the job capped out with 177 officers being killed on the job, by suspect's gunfire, in traffic accidents and in other ways. That's despite a steady decline in violent crime. Now officials are trying to figure out why -- and why 2012 is shaping up differently.


Britain's involvement in the US Civil War

A controversial part of Britain's past is being unearthed by an American historian living in London. Tom Sebrell has uncovered evidence of strong support for the Confederate states in the Civil War. Laura Lynch decided to take the tour for herself.


Europe watches US midterm elections

Gideon Rachman, chief foreign affairs commentator for the Financial Times of London, talks about Europe's interest in the US mid-term elections. Rachman says some Europeans fear the vote's outcome could reduce American engagement around the globe.