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Conflict & Justice

Obama's national security strategy

The Obama administration released its formal strategy on national security today. The document reflects some changes from the Bush era, but for some of the President's supporters on the left, it fails to go far enough. The World's Matthew Bell reports.


Forgotten veterans

Anchor Marco Werman talks to Major Fred Salanti, executive director of the Missing in America Project about his work, giving war veterans' unclaimed cremated remains a proper burial.

Arts, Culture & Media

Propaganda, American style: A Khrushchev's perspective

Many Americans might think propaganda is something that happens elsewhere, but in the War on Terror, Nina Khrushcheva saw and heard tropes familiar to her, having grown up in the Soviet Union as the great-granddaughter of former leader Nikita Khrushchev. Now a US citizen and New School professor in New York, she teaches propaganda, and hopes more Americans will become more propaganda-literate. She shares some ideas on where to start.


Violence mars Afghan peace jirga

A gathering to discuss ways to bring peace to Afghanistan got under way today in Kabul despite rocket and suicide bomb attacks by the Taliban. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Ajmal Khan Zazai, a tribal leader in the eastern province of Paktia.