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Moroccan music

For our Global Hit today, we took an unscientific survey of what people in the city of Marrakech are listening to. The World's Adeline Sire went to Morocco and took a sampling.


A Palestinian view of US Mideast policy

Palestinians take a dim view of President Obama's performance in advancing the Middle East peace process over the past year. That's according to Mustafa Barghouti, a leading Palestinian politician, who speaks with anchor Marco Werman


Luciano Mabrouck

The French speaking island of Reunion, which as musician Luciano Mabrouck tells us there, is in the Indian Ocean, just next to Mauritius�


Serbia apologizes for massacre

Anchor Marco Werman talks to Ljiljana Smajlovic, president of the Journalists Association of Serbia, about the news that Serbia has officially apologized for the 1995 massacre of thousands of Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica.

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Kyrgyzstan's Soviet past

Fighting between ethnic Kyrgyz and Uzbek people in southern Kyrgyzstan has left more than 180 people dead. Marco Werman talks with Peter Zeihan of the global intelligence company Stratfor about the historical background of the two former Soviet republics.