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Conflict & Justice

Latest from Georgia

Georgians displaced by the fighting with Russia are trying to return home, but they face several obstacles. Lisa Mullins finds out more from Jessica Barry of the International Committee of the Red Cross. She's in the Georgian capital Tblisi.

Conflict & Justice

Thousands displaced in Sri Lanka violence

Anchor Katy Clark speaks with the BBC's Charles Haviland in Sri Lanka about the latest chapter in the country's 25-year civil war. The Sri Lankan military is fighting its way into the last slice of territory held by Tamil Tiger rebels. Tens of thousands of civilians are trying to flee the area, and there are fears that many civilians have been killed.


China tells Myanmar to deal with conflict

More than 10,000 refugees have crossed the border from Myanmar into China amidst fighting between the Burmese military and a Chinese ethnic group. China is telling Myanmar's military government to deal with conflict. The World's Mary Kay Magistad reports.