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Retirement in India

While retirement homes for the elderly are commonplace in the US, they are a new, and growing, phenomenon in India. Reporter Elliot Hannon visits one of the newly constructed Indian retirement communities to see who's moving in.


Pets more popular in Middle East

Pet ownership is rising around the world, especially in the Middle East. In fact, it's rising faster than the public's understanding of what pets need to be happy and healthy. The World's Aaron Schachter reports.

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Indian coin sellers

India is a country teaming with enterprise At Haji Ali Dargah, most devotees like to hand out coins to the hundreds who line the road, but few part with big bills. In response, some beggars have started a coin-change business. Linda Blake reports.


South African leader weds

South African President Jacob Zuma now has three wives after his latest wedding today. South Africans are divided on their attitudes toward polygamy. Jeb Sharp speaks with South African professor Penny Andrews about reactions to multiple wives.

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Romas under attack in Europe

Europe's largest minority group, the Roma, is struggling to cope with a rise in attacks against Romas in several countries. That's prompted a surge in asylum requests from Romas hoping to leave for Canada. The World's Laura Lynch reports from Hungary.

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Geo answer

For today's geo quiz, we are looking for the name of the building in Taiwan that held the title of world's tallest building? until the newly-opened Burj in Dubai came along to take top spot.

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Lucky Bags in Japan

New Year's Day is the most revered holiday in Japan. The Japanese actually celebrate it over a 4 day period. Every year, people line up to buy something called a ?fukubukuro? or ?luck? bag. Akiko Fujita introduces us to a different New Year's tradition.